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Feb 2, 2013 12:00am PST
commercial ahead. >>> michelle goldberg, michael tomasky and gene robinson are here to talk about the legacy of ed koch. >>> beer prices could rise, but not if president obama has anything to say about it. we've got the details on the next move by the department of justice on anheuser-busch. >>> ten years ago today, the space shuttle "columbia" tragedy rocked the country. today a new shocking story of what nasa knew has america talking. we have the real story here tonight. good to have you with us tonight. folks, thanks for watching. a big thank you tonight for hillary clinton for finally saying what really needed to be said. today was clinton's final day as secretary of state. she begins her life as a private citizen tomorrow. and for now, she has nothing to lose politically. so when the associated press asked clinton about the republican lawmakers who grilled her on benghazi, this was the secretary's response. "they just will not live in an evidence-based world, and that's regrettable. it's regrettable for our political system and for the people who serve our government in very dangerous,
Feb 7, 2013 12:00am PST
. colonel jack jacobs, sam stein of "the huffington post," and the daily beast's michelle goldberg on today's big drone developments. >>> karl rove launches a sneak attack on democrats in kentucky. >> ashley judd, an obama-following hollywood radical liberal. >> i'll tell you how actress ashley judd is responding to karl rove and mitch mcconnell tonight. >>> and fox news is scrambling to explain their latest cheap shot on hillary clinton. showing off this glamorous new face. face-lift perhaps? >> you don't want to miss doocy's lame excuse. >>> good to have you back with us tonight. the fallout continues over department of justice memo obtained by nbc news. the memo outlines the obama administration's justification for the targeted killing of american citizens overseas by drone strikes if those citizens are considered to be high-level al qaeda operatives plotting against the united states. progressives want answers. tonight an administration official tells nbc news that president obama has directed the justice department to provide congressional intelligence committees access to classified i
Feb 6, 2013 5:00pm PST
. msnbc military analyst and medal of honor recipient, colonel jack jacobs. michelle goldberg of "newsweek" and daily beast. and sam stein of the "huffington post." great to have all of you with us tonight. >> thank you. >> michelle, you first. what do you make of the white house's response tonight that they are providing the memos that those on the intel committee wanted? >> they obviously should have provided them a long time ago. it was always ludicrous, not only that these weren't made public, but that they weren't even allowed to the people who are charged with overseeing our intelligence agencies. and what they're asking for is basically the rationale that the government uses to decide when it can kill an american citizen. i mean, nothing can kind of be more fundamental to the government's ability -- or to the senate's ability to rein in cia and -- to rein in cia access. >> colonel, this is warfare that americans aren't used to. and they ask questions about what are our constitutional -- what is our leeway here? what is fair game and what is not? and how are these decisions being mad
Feb 22, 2013 5:00pm PST
reaction from our panel. michelle goldberg from "newsweek" and the daily beast. john walsh and political strategist angela ragg. is the president overreacting? let's just say rand paul is spot-on. john nichols, is the president overreacting? >> he absolutely is not overreacting. the sequester is austerity. it is -- it's not slowing the rate of growth. our population is growing. our needs are growing. if you slow down the amount of spending you've got at a time when you have growth and population, you are making severe cuts. and the sequester is really the first installment on an austerity agenda that poses huge threats according to government and private sector analyses to our abolishmeemployment rate an potential for growth. the president is not lying nor is he being historionic or overboard. >> i don't know what the president strategy is, but it looks to me like there is not one. they're saying different things and reacting on different points and none of them make sense. when you talk about sequestration or across the board cuts, we're talking about things that impact the lives of rea
Feb 28, 2013 2:00pm PST
columnist for the great politico. michelle goldberg is a contributor for the daily beast. you know, i have to say, michelle, you're up in new york -- where are you? >> i'm in new york. >> in that whole metropolitan area as i have been able to figure just like in the days when ed koch was popular, you sort of share the media market. it's the biggsest media market in the country. 11% of the people watching now are in new york basically. he's big. he's big in connecticut. he's big in jersey. i assume he's huge in pennsylvania. they're all in those media markets up there. they like the style of the guy. why would you say we don't want your kind which is really what they're saying at our convention? why are they doing this? >> because he deviated from republican orthodoxy. what's funny is it was just last year you will remember when republicans, including very conservative republicans, were basically begging christie to save them from the moderate squish mitt romney. now romney is speaking at cpac, christie is not invited, and it's because you said before that republicans agree that they need t
Feb 14, 2013 5:00pm PST
tonight. let's turn to bloomberg view columnist jonathan alter with us. also michelle goldberg of "newsweek" and the daily beast. and david corn of "mother jones" magazine. great to have all of you with us. jonathan, you first tonight. is this unprecedented filibuster a sign that the senate is totally broken? what do you make of what unfolded today? >> well, i just think it's a really unfortunate signal that the united states is sending to the world when as the president indicated you have, you know, conflicts abroad. and for us to say that we can't even conduct regular business and confirm an eminently qualified candidate to run the pentagon, it's sad. and if i were a veteran who had been an enlisted man or woman in the u.s. military and if any are watching tonight, if i were you i'd say you deserve a vote. you know, he would be the first enlisted man ever to head the pentagon. i think enlisted personnel deserve some representation. and that the grunt's view at the pentagon is a real recommendation for chuck hagel. it would be interesting to start to hear from that community a
Feb 3, 2013 5:00am PST
it is! >>> hello from new york. i'm chris hayes here with korin skinner, michelle goldberg of news week and the daily and dillin glenn, former special assistant to president george w. bush. we were talking about the modern republican party post the election and a string of decisions that have made the institutional levels, i think, particularly in terms of how congress has acted in terms of the opposition that appeared to indicate that the behavior has shifted a little bit, that the long period in which constant obstruction was the way that republicans thought was the best of countering the oh bam in administration and the democratic party. in terms of the debt ceiling deal, the fiscal cliff, the bipartisan senators who came together on immigration, which, aga again, that's kind of a rope thing in washington, d.c., but it's been absent for the last couple of years. when george w. bush was elected, no child left wind was a top domestic priority and you had a kind of gang of eight style thing. >> no child left behind just didn't happen. bush reached out to ted kennedy, and you w
Feb 23, 2013 5:00am PST
? >>> joining me now the professor of linguists of columbia university. we have akin roid. and michelle goldberg. and john mitchell, associate editor of "the capitol times" in wisconsin. >> here's my first question, should liberals have an investment? do liberals have an investment or purchase in the great debate how to rebuild the republican party? right, i think the general feeling in the press coverage that liberals do. i'm just not sure they do. the question is, should you want these strong republican party? whatever that means. or should you want complete total unilateral victory. >> don't you think it depends on where your interests lie. on the one hand, it's clearly in the interest of the democratic party to see the republicans continue to margealize themselves and implode and fight the civil war. the country is ingovernable, right? like we kind of lurch from manufactured crisis to manufactured crisis because we have this rumpf that will not agree to any kind of government. in as much as you want a two-part system, you want both of those to have a baseline of santi. >> any party's degree
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)